South Korea: CJ E&M debuts with anthology series Drama Stage

Korean content and media company CJ E&M’s CSV(Creating Shared Value) project to find promising new writers for television script and screenplay, demonstrated solid results as the ten selected writers debuted on television through the anthology series: Drama Stage.

Premiered on flagship channel tvN, CJ E&M's first anthology series presents ten different synopsis from ten promising writers mentored by industry experts all throughout the production process.

Namgoong Jong, Head of CJ E&M's CSV Team said, ‘Drama Stage is a good win-win example of new writers displaying their talents in the industry and us supporting them all throughout the process.” He added, “We will continue to work as a gateway to discover new talented writers and support their debut into the industry.’

Summary of the ten stories in Drama Stage are as following:

- Manager Park’s Private Life: the story tells the secret life of Mr. Park, who works as an assistant manager in a construction company by day and as an anonymous, popular internet love story writer by night.

- Ms. B and Love Letters: 34 year old Park Ga-Young has never been in a romantic relationship, but one day receives an anonymous love letter that can possibly shed light into her mundane love life. The story traces Park Ga-Young, played by popular variety show Running Man star Song Ji-hyo, as she delves into the mystery behind the love letter.

The History of Walking Upright: The story is about a high school girl Mina who has the ability to be invisible just twice a day. She uses her supernatural powers to win over her crush who has fallen for a different girl. The part was played by Mina of the popular female idol group Gugudan.

- Field Trip Day: Jaeho, who tried and failed to commit suicide, ironically gets a job at a funeral service company that visits the homes of the recently deceased and pack away their possessions. The feature highlights the stories of people who are in the line of life and death.

- I'm Betting On My Tambourine: 2-year contract banker assistant, Oh Moon-sook, powers through all the unfair treatment in mere hopes to become a full-time employee. As she discovers that her chances are slim, she decides to take a brave twist and starts to learn how to play to tambourine to win over her boss’ hearts during an office get-together.

- Poem Collection: A heart-warming story of a woman who discovers a yearbook filled with poems and notes she and her classmates wrote when she was seventeen years old. The book unfolds the story of her first love and the profound bond they shared. The main protagonist was played by One, the hit rap audition Show Me The Money reality star.

- Not Played: Insook is in her mid-60s and has sacrificed most of her life for her children. To make some extra money, she begins a part-time job cleaning up a billiard hall where she accidentally discovers her talent for billiards. The story follows Insook as she stumbles across a number of unexpected events that enlightens her life.

- Tasty Home: A-Yi lives with her mother and grandmother. A-Yi is a happy kid as long as she has a meal to eat, but her grandmother, who had prepared all the meals for her passes away. Her mother, once a popular singer, had cut herself off from the world after a scandal broke out, heads out to work at a restaurant only to quit before her first day is even halfway complete. A-Yi decides to take her mother’s place at the restaurant.

Ms. Fighter: Choi Kang Soon, an ordinary white-collar worker, experiences a breakdown in her life over night as a scandalous video clip of her leaks on the internet. The story tells a brave woman who fights to recovers her rights and overall discrimination on women in society.

- Last Meal Chef: The story follows a woman who has worked for five years making the last meal for criminals on death row. Her dream is to become a freelance photographer and works to make her dream come true. One day, she meets a condemned criminal that does not remember the fact that he is on death row due to mental illness.