Chile heads Netflix ISP speed index in LatAm, and some surprises

Chile is the best Latin American country to watch a Netflix stream, with a range between 2.36 and 4.02 Mbps in December 2017, according to the provider you have signed up with.

Mexico appears in second place, but the speed you may obtain ranges from a low 1.44 Mbps to 3.85 Mbps, depending on the provider.

Argentina took third place, with a range of 2,38 to 3,61 Mbps. Somewhat surprisingly, Ecuador appears in fourth place, with one ISP delivering 3.49 Mbps and a low end at 2,.01. Peru ranges between 3.33 and 0.99, while Brazil comes out in sixth place —though it is considered to be a market with nearly 4 million subscribers— with 2.16 to 3.10 Mbps.

Colombian Netflix fans receive its content at speeds between 2.99 and 2.20 . And then, another unexpected news: Uruguay, which proudly exhibits a nationwide fiberoptics network operated by State-controlled monopoly Antel and has an agreement with Netflix, is shown to be delivering its product at an average of 2.86 Mbps. This is tops among the lowest delivery data, but at the same time is the worst best output found in the region; of course, these are averages, not absolute figures.