Crime arrives to UK and Eastern Europe with GRB Entertainment

GRB Entertainment announced sales of crime series to broadcasters in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In the UK, PBS America picked up FBI Takedowns where elite teams of FBI agents hunt down the world’s most wanted criminals. Witness heart-stopping true stories of the bureau’s most adrenaline-fueled and high-stakes manhunts ever shown on television.

Kinosvet in Czech Republic and Slovakia also picked up FBI Takedowns along with four other series: Gothic Killers tells true stories of how people involved in occults use devil worship and its rituals to intimidate enemies, satisfy twisted desires and justify heinous crimes; Gang World takes an unflinching, raw look at the origins and evolution of the most violent and dangerous gangs in the US; Occult Crimes offers a look inside the devilish minds of some of the most unpredictable and dangerous killers in history; The Bureau follows FBI agents, analysts, and profilers as they investigate their toughest, most compelling cases.

Real-life crime series Killer Kids was picked up by Zoom Poland and explores the dark side of children. From hate crimes to gang initiations, murders of family members to occult ceremonies, follow investigators as they reveal the clues that lead to solving these shocking crimes and discover what could possibly push kids to kill. Zoom also acquired Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5 which explores outrageous and scandalous crimes that take place at work.

‘GRB Entertainment is a master of crime programming, with over 700 hours of crime content in our catalogue,’ said Michael Lolato, SVP of International Distribution, GRB Entertainment. ‘We are thrilled to bring these titles to our broadcast partners in the UK and Eastern Europe, where they are sure to be big hits.’