Inter Medya: The Pit, launched at Discop Dubai

Inter Medya (Turkey), one of the main sponsors of the market, pre-launched its newest drama series entitled The Pit (Cukur) at Discop in Dubai. Produced by Ay Yapim and broadcast on Show TV in Turkey, the show received a lot of interest from not only the MENA region but from buyers across the Balkan Peninsula as well as Asia.

‘The Pit has been extremely successful in Turkey, not only because of its unusual and fast-paced storyline, but its acclaimed cast,’ said Can Okan, founder and CEO of Inter Medya. ‘We have received a lot of interest from a variety of territories including the Middle East.’

The Pit tells the story of the Kocovali family, who have established their power over Cukur, a neighborhood in Istanbul. When Yamac Kocovali, the youngest son of the family, is forced to return to Cukur after ten years in exile, he is torn between his family, the neighborhood and the love of his life, Sena. Finding himself in the middle of a war between his family and his enemies, he will do everything in his power not to protect the ones he loves.