English Club TV and Castalia become partners in Latam

English Club TV has announced its partnership with Castalia Communications for the distribution of its unique educational TV channel for English learning, as well as the respective programming in the Pan-regional territory of Latin America.

‘According to the EF English Proficiency Index, 12 of 14 Latin American countries fall into the low or very low proficiency bands, as a result of which their population’s ability to use English effectively while doing business is limited. We believe our channel is a valuable asset in closing that gap, or even an alternative to the traditional ways of language learning’, explained Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group. ‘We are happy to partner with Castalia Communications to expand our distribution in the region and make English Club TV a practical tool to deliver fast results for our audience’.

‘As an international company, we know first-hand the value of being proficient in English and we are proud to be working with English Club and bringing this unique resource to the homes and workplaces of users across Latin America’, stated Miguel Torres-Bohl, VP of Latin America at Castalia Communications.

While Latin America considers strong English language skills a key to success and competitiveness in the global economy, the region currently performs below the world average as far as English proficiency is concerned. English Club TV contains a bright mix of educational and entertaining features that ensure full language immersion and stunningly fast results. Research confirms that by watching English Club TV for 15 minutes a day, viewers can learn an average of 2000 new words and 100 grammar structures in a year.

English Club TV is already available through Wherever TV Latino, and the companies are diligently working to expand the distribution in the upcoming months.