MIPTV 2018 takes a new shape

Undoubtedly, this year starts a new stage for MIPTV. For the first time, it converges with brand-new CannesSeries, which already begun on April 4 bringing the glamour of Film Festivals to TV and OTT series, while it keeps pushing the top week-end events, MIPDoc, MIPFormats and MIPDramas.

In fact, many industry events are moving themselves from B to B formats to Festival schedules. This way they bring more people, attract big brands from own industry or from outside, and connect better the segment with others (music, fashion business, etc). In content business, Brazilian Rio 2C (former Rio Content Market) last week and Conecta Fiction (Galicia, Spain) next June, evolve to the same concept.

What traditional MIPTV attendees can expect? We imagine a quite similar market, but with new pushes that can revert recent downing trends: events with stars, new investors, new synergies with non traditional segments, more announcements than usual, and above all more people, from content business and from others.

Two sub-events promise to be key issues of success. From traditional MIPTV, the booming MIPdramas, which makes focus on a genre that continues on the top of trends, especially for European players. Held on Sunday morning, more than 450 buyers are expected to attend. There are 6 series selected from Finland, Russia, Germany, Spain, and UK. Thriller, crime and sci-fi are the top subgenres, and a jury of writers, directors, producers, TV critics and buyers will choose the winner.

And from new CanneSeries, we have InDevelopment, a two days event where creators and investors are joined to promote fresh business and ideas. ‘The 12 selected projects are the perfect illustration of the richness of global talent, across all territories and in all genres’, said Laurine Garaude, director of Television at Reed MIDEM. Benoît Louvet, CannesSeries managing director, added: ‘The DNA of this event is to highlight new voices and tomorrow's talents’.

Edging trends? Most of tech platforms today are turning into OTTs, buying contents and developing own ones. From Sony Playstation to Huawei and Apple. This opens the game to many new business models, branded content, etc.

Entertainment formats now are also taken by main OTTs. What must have a reality or a game show to work on demand and generate binge-watching? Industry must think of shows 100% made for digital.

About co-productions, today any business formula is possible. The projects are multiplatform, including more and more new age tips. The paper formats are back, and any player wants to co-develop, not only co-produce, to include own tips and to push licensing, etc.

At every content event, we see new companies with booth. Last Natpe Miami, it was Roku and Facebook. The former is as sort of online cable operator, offering pay TV channels and platforms from third parties. Facebook announced three new original productions for Facebook Watch, its OTT system launched last August.

The series duration starts to create new genres and habits, as ‘on demand’ the chapters don’t need to last one hour. In the future, some chapters can turn to TV movies. On the opposite, we see more and more short-form premium contents, which apply better to telcos and new generations. Due to all of these, we will see a very interesting MIPTV, usually more flashing than Mipcom about edging news. Let’s play.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano