The Challenge of MIPTV + CANNESERIES

MIPTV 2018 runs today its second day with CANNESERIES at the same time. Prensario has collected many opinions and they are varied: while some say that the show is the same and even slower, others stress the changes are good and will be better next times. Most of the buyers are in favor. The big challenge for Reed Midem is to add concrete value for traditional MIPTV attendees.

Paul Silk, CEO at Reed Midem, said exclusively for Prensario: ‘We’ve promoted changes at MIP as many people was asking. This is the first experience and we must continue evolving, to make the new advantages sensible for show members. There are for instance 470 journalists from massive media, most of them didn’t attend MIPTV before’.

Benoit Louvet, managing director, CanneSeries: ‘We have space for 2500 people at every screening, and there are 4 screenings of different series per day, always with full attendance. From all the Festivals in Cannes, this is the only one that invites public with no restrictions, all free tickets through Internet registrations’.

Content trends… scripted or unscripted? Chris Ottinger, worldwide president of TV distribution and acquisitions, MGM: ‘For us TV series is the new big thing, though feature films continue very important. In HBO USA, 80% of the slots are film. From now, I see a resurgence of unscripted shows, as they are as sports and news, for free TV. Mainly classic refreshed formats, while the new big hit appears’.

Mattheiu Bayle, head commissioner of unscripted content at M6, France: ‘We look for big shows that join the family around the TV screen’. Ruediger Boess, EVP group acquisitions at ProsiebenSat.1, Germany: ‘We mainly look for good series, but lighter, not so dark ones’. Melissa Madden, head of marketing at A+E Networks: ‘Our new big hit is Live PD, that follows police officers on live-real time. It pushed us to the top of Pay TV networks in the U.S. market at Friday nights’.

According to Eurodata, 72% of the content produced in 2017 where series, and 3,200 series are expected to be launched in 2018. In the US market, series are fewer than 13 episodes, in Russia event miniseries is the hot genre, Scandinavian shows are moving to the Americas, Asia is a big format generator (mainly Korea and Japan, but also China), Spanish is coming back to the global stage, and soap opera and dramedy are the most consumed genres in Latin America.

Digital Media news? RTL Germany has launched TV Now, its own VOD service including contents from all its channels + third party products, some of them with rights just for non-linear exhibition. Jan Oachtel, manager: ‘It provides catch up and indirect services, with a basic monthly fee and upgrades accessing to exclusive content and advantages’.

RTL Klub Hungary has launched RTL Now, a catch up and A-VOD service, using the library of 6 Play Technology, which includes its local programming + TV movies, series and miniseries. Tibor Forizs, head of program acquisitions: ‘Consumers have free access to the services watching short video spots before the chosen contents’.

Mememe Studios, the platform of Dori Media (Israel) devoted to short form contents, has reached to 400 millions of views last month, with 2.25 minute average per video. Nadav Palti, CEO: ‘We launch brands in YouTube, mainly for kids, and we generate new episodes of the successful ones, all in all 75-100 per week’. Gordan Bobinac, KIP Croatia: ‘We search content for mobile platforms. It is the future. They start with short form, then they get longer ones when high-speed connections are expanded’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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