MIPTV: the twisted (+ techie) content game

MIPTV + CanneSeries enters today in its third day, providing a very rich show of content twists and tech initiatives. Let’s see…

Current trends in entertainment formats? On one side, "Retro" formats: to recover classic well-known shows from 20-30 years ago. Takeshi’s Castle from TBS Japan, Banijay’s Survivor, etc. On the other, Intellectual Property. In the past, the broadcasters just bought formats, now they want to create and keep the IP, to sell abroad and develop new business lines, as licensing, etc. TF1 France, ITV UK, NBC in USA, Mediaset Spain, are in the trend.

Techie companies hottest news? Matthew Henick, head of content strategy, Facebook: ‘Creators must be ready for the Age of Social Entertainment, be prepared to write two scripts: one for what actors do and another for what the audience will do with that content’. Snapchat has ordered to Condé Nast True Crime, its first original crime series of five-minute documentaries about a different case each. ‘This is a year where we’ll play with a lot of new genres’, said Sean Mills, head of original content.

Chinese giant retail Alibaba Digital Media owner of SVOD Youku, doubled its subscription revenue between 2016 and 2017 thanks to high quality dramas. Yang Weidong, president: ‘They are the top content for driving paid subscriptions. We see content creation as a strategic priority, alongside with e-commerce, fintech and cloud services’.

The In Development market held for second year the "Short Form Pitch", where five transmedia projects with 10’ duration from Korea, Argentina, Belgium, France and USA were introduced to a jury of digital buyers, from Alibaba (China), Snap/NBCUniversal (USA), Viacom UK, Canal+ (France) and Caracol (Colombia).

Marcelo Liberini, Caracol Next (Colombia): ‘Producers don’t know how to monetize short form content yet. That’s why they start producing short series that then they turn into digital shows +20 minutes for more traditional players. We produced over 80 short form series, and the 25%-30% of the incomes are from branded content’.

About CanneSeries, today the jury will announce the winner from the ten selected series. Yesterday Fox Networks Group organized a press conference and a round table about Aqui en la tierra, own Mexican original production from renown actor/director Gael Garcia Bernal. Carlos Martinez, president, FNG Latin America: ‘The 8 episodes will be available May 1st on Fox Premium, our brand-new OTT platform in Mexico. It is a top quality, risky product, as we want to make a difference’.

Samuel Stadler, marketing director, Parrot Analytics (USA): ‘We are in the business of changing minds. Still, many industry executives think in a linear way, but it is key to show that there is an array of possibilities to go with. Companies need to find where the audience is. And it is fluid, everywhere’.

In the same line, DatoRohana Rozhan, group CEO, Astro Holdings (Malaysia): ‘If our job is to emphasize with and relate to customers, then the best formula is to reflect the marketplace we are aspiring to serve. South Korea SBS’s Insoon Kim, manager, global productions: ‘This year strategy is ‘steping out of the comfort zone’. 2018 will be disruptive year for us with three huge projects’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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