MIPTV: CANNESERIES winners + new flashing drivers

MIPTV comes to an end today, while CANNESERIES finished yesterday with its awaited Awards Ceremony, where “When Heroes Fly”, from Spiro Films Israel, won the ‘Best Series’ category. In the meantime, more content and tech drivers take place.

Dominos (Canada) won ‘Best Digital Series’, while Norway’s State of Happiness (Maipo Film) gained two awards: ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Best Music’, through its composer Ginge. Israel’s Miguel (Movie Plus) received a mention as ‘Special Performance’, and Francesco Montanari received the ‘Best Performance’ award for his work at The Hunter (Beta Film, Cross Productions). The auditorium was full with 2500 people, including a red carpet outside with stars and pictures, though the intense rainy weather.

Innovative news? Blockchain and bitcoins are digital currency that replaces traditional financial transactions, with closed guaranteed networks. Flixxo is a new global OTT platform that brings them to media business. Adrian Garelik, CEO: ‘We are at MIPTV to associate producers that could include their contents. Audience will pay for them in bitcoins, and the producers will receive the money on real time’.

Treeti, new blockchain network built specifically for the entertainment industry, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP). The company will support IFP Expanded, an initiative designed to identify and nurture the next generation of storytelling talent across the globe. Treeti will collaborate on six international IFP programs over the next twelve months.

How does evolve the balance between free TV, pay TV and OTT platforms? A head Pay TV buyer says: ‘In Spain, Pay TV continues growing due to aggressive TriplePlay and so offering from operators. It has now a household penetration of 33%, from about 20% five years ago. The levels are still low, but challenges are big because of DTT (digital TV) and OTT approach. Vodafone has included Netflix in its SmarTV platform. You pay different fees including Netflix or not. Movistar is analyzing how to add Netflix, too’.

A free TV buyer comments: ‘In France, as everywhere, OTT challenges mainly Pay TV, no free TV. The broadcasters, with their new DTT channels, even are buying genres they didn’t buy before, as documentaries’. And he adds a twist: ‘In the week day morning, the three top 3 TV programs in France are: Tele-Matin, a variety piece from France2, news at BFM (DTT) and third, a crime-investigation series from Belgium pubcaster Sonuma, at DTT RMC. This one targets 60+ year audience’.

Another detective twist happened at U.S & Canada digital market. Amazon Video bought the first 16 episodes of Russian Star Media Detective Anna, and levels of downloads were so high, that in just two months urged the distributor to subtitle the rest of the series. Vlad Ryashin, CEO: ‘We have feature films, documentaries in Amazon. For them and for us, this has been extremely surprising’.

At MIPTV, buyer attendance from Latin America surprised handling buyers from unusual countries. Erika Seevers, Canal 11 (Honduras): ‘We see new shows from other regions with new perspectives and stories. I’ll come back next year’. Angel Laureano, Color Vision (Dominican Republic): ‘I came to MIPTV looking for finished scripted shows and I found new interesting formats, as web series’.

Nicolás Smirnoff, Fabricio Ferrara and Rodrigo Cantisano

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