Korea: Street Food Fighter debuts on CJ E&M

Premiered on April 23rd, CJ E&M’s new food variety show Street Food Fighter recorded a peak viewership rate of 2.2% and had the highest viewership among ages 20 to 49 within cable programs in the same timeslot.

Hosted by celebrity chef and restaurant franchise mogul Baek Jong-won, the program uncovers hidden street food trends around the world and unveils the story behind the food and culture.

In the first episode, Baek Jong-won roamed through the street corners of Cheongdu, China to reveal the secrets behind the unique spiciness of Sichuan style cuisine. From everyone's all-time favorite dish Mapo Tofu to the comparatively unfamiliar Fei Chang Fen, Baek introduced a wide array of popular Sichuan style local street foods.

Producer Park Hee-yeon, said: ‘Street Food Fighter will introduce intriguing stories behind the origins and traditions of different global street foods around the world’, and she added: ‘Mr. Baek’s verbal depiction combined with the colorful footage will create an immersive experience for viewers as if they are actually experiencing the local atmosphere first hand’.