Global Agency's The Legend arrives to Nigeria

Global Agency has announced that The Legend will debut in Nigeria on the fourth quarter of 2018.

Licensed by CMA Group - a major media company in Africa, the show will be produced in – house and launch on DStv. It is revealed that several biggest global FMCG brands are already lined up for sponsoring The Legend of Nigeria. In addition, the jury will consist of key names of the African music and entertainment industry.

Izzet Pinto, Founder & CEO of Global Agency and creator of the format, commented: 'Only last week we announced the premiere date of The Legend in Brazil and now, we are announcing the Nigerian version of the show. This is just the beginning and the format will thrive around the world as I always anticipated.'

On most TV talent shows; the jury decides whether a contestant moves forward and the audience can change their fate. But, The Legend gives the power to the contestants so that they can re-write their own destiny. The format takes the best of the best and gives them a chance to showcase their musical talent and character. The singers potentially have up to three chances to prove to the audience and the jury that they have what it takes to be a music icon. Only the top two rated contestants in each episode will carry on to the semi-finals, with an ultimate winner at the end of 16 weeks.