Armoza Formats: Greece licenses first season of Who's Asking?

100 episodes of the interactive game show Who’s Asking? have now been commissioned in Greece by Epsilon TV. Originally developed by United Studios of Israel and distributed by Armoza Formats, the local adaptation of the studio-based show will be hosted by actress Katerina Zarifi.

This follows on from the recent announcement that the show is set to air in Hungary later this year.

Who’s Asking? (30-60') is the fresh game show that is not just about what questions the participants must answer, but who is asking them. Whether it’s the bus driver, your doctor, or a streetwise grandma – each has a question for the contestants. Instead of picking the type of questions to be asked, the 2 pairs of contestants must select an “asker” from the faces on the screen in front of them. In a game show where looks do matter, the contestants must follow their intuition to compete for the grand prize.

Ed Hall, General Manager of Epsilon TV: 'The new shape of Epsilon TV is emerging as the team finalized a deal with international format company Armoza Formats for the game show Who's Asking?. This is a brand new format for Greece, already a successful show in other markets, and I look forward to seeing our exciting new version of this show launching here'.

Alkisti Maragoudaki, Chief Content Officer at Epsilon TV, added: 'Following the finalization of the deal between Epsilon TV and Armoza Formats, regarding the globally renowned game show Who's Asking?, I feel obliged to express my utter excitement in view of what is bound to be a mutually prosperous and beneficial collaboration. Really happy to welcome the ultimate and unique game show Who's Asking? to Epsilon TV'.

And completed Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats: 'We are thrilled to be partnering with Epsilon TV on the Greek adaptation of ‘Who’s Asking?’ and believe that they will provide a strong home for this dynamic game show that is set to engage the whole country'.