Mistco and TRT announce new sales in Pakistan

Mistco and TRT (Turkey) announced the sales of three epic dramas to Pakistan, including Resurrection: Ertugrul, The Last Emperor and Filinta.

With the deal, the series will be available on Pakistani major cinema chain Starz Play by Cinepax, thanks to its global content aggregator Grey Juice Lab. As the highest-rated Turkish drama for the last 4 seasons, Resurrection: Ertugrul is still widening its penetration in all platforms and all territories worldwide, and this is undoubtedly due to its high quality and consistency.

When it comes to The Last Emperor, the series is recently sold to Albania and Uzbekistan and season 3 is already commissioned by TRT. The story is focusing on the true story of the latest strongest Ottoman Emperor, Abdulhamid Han and how he managed to prevent the fall of his empire. Available on Netflix, Filinta is already finished with 2 seasons and it can be said to adopt a unique plot such as an Ottoman Era Sherlock Holmes story.

'TRT is the leading investor of the best epic dramas in Turkey for years and they have the most extensive know how in the epic drama storytelling and producing by far,' said Aysegul Tuzun, VP, sales & marketing, Mistco, and adds: 'As the distributor of such prestigious epic dramas, we are very proud to announce the new deal with Pakistan for our epic trio.'

Arif Baigmohamad, Chairman Cinepax Group, completed: 'Turkish dramas are quite well known in Pakistan and enjoyed by our community.  ‘Starz Play by Cinepax feels pride in this partnership with Mistco and launching 3 of the best Turkish dramas for our Pakistani audience.'