Swen Sports, the name of the MMA

Swen Sports is an agency of marketing and sports content with a channel on Youtube, which offers FUPE games (Federação Universitário de São Paulo sports), MMA events, crossfit, skateboarding, biking, surfing, outdoor modalities.

But without doubts, the Brazilian MMA is one of the main event in the world today. For this reason, Swen developed and produced the Standout Fighting Tournament (SFT), a monthly MMA competition, with an average of 15 fights per competition, including a chance for the amatures to get the spotlight, and a title belt fight, audience leader on its live broadcasts exclusively on Band TV , and the Swen Sports channel on YouTube which can be seen worldwide.

The event produced with seven cameras, cranes, mobile HD units, HD Uplinks, presenters and commentators,  targeted to all ages, both men and women. On July, the SFT returned to the MMA world calendar on the right foot. The organization held the third edition of its history, when it was Anderson Berinja as the first champion of the event. Soon after its return, the SFT was in third place in the audience among the open channels, behind only Rede Globo and SBT.

Due to the success, the organization, which is presided  by David Lipnik, closed with Band TV a long term agreement for the transmission of more monthly editions. With the agreement, the Standout Fighting Tournament enters the product grid and becomes the only MMA event broadcasted LIVE on open TV in Brazil.