VIVOplay launches VIVOpago: blockchain and tokening

The team behind VIVOplay, a major Hispanic OTT and live streaming provider, launches a token sale to create the VIVOpago platform, the very first native, Latin American platform enabling the easy purchase of a wide range of goods and services with “PAGO” tokens.

“PAGO” is intended to be the region’s first cryptocurrency, with real, practical day to day usage and utility. In addition to the management team’s strong regional relationships and market knowledge, VIVOpago is also partnering with leading players in the blockchain industry such as trade.io and Tokeny.

Its goal is to make the lives of Latin Americans better, simpler and more efficient, and with its strong team, has the capability to execute on this vision. VIVOpago is powered by the blockchain, where users can instantly transact using PAGO native tokens as well as their preferred cryptocurrency in order to simplify daily life. The “PAGO” token has many utilities for users, such as paying for daily goods and services both online and in the physical world, funds transfer, store of value, transportability and convertibility. Users can now purchase goods and services instantly and reliably, even receiving token rewards for certain activities.  

VIVOpago intends to develop an ecosystem of dApps that will utilize the PAGO token as its central means of settlement. One of the initial dApps to launch will be VIVOplay's existing video streaming services. Within the VIVOplay dApp, users will be able to purchase premium content from the main Spanish-American television networks with PAGO tokens, while also affording producers and creators with detailed access to the data recorded on the blockchain, which they can subsequently use to produce according to the consumer’s behavior. In addition, advertisers will also have access to an open platform with accurate viewer measuring capabilities, thus helping them avoid digital advertising fraud. Furthermore, advertisers will be able to reward users with PAGO tokens for the consumption of displayed ads.

‘Our experience in VIVOplay has shown us that one of the biggest growth barriers for companies offering services in Latin America is the low penetration of formal payment systems, such as credit cards and online banking’, explained Carlos Hulett, CEO and founder of VIVOplay. ‘VIVOpago’s ecosystem and the PAGO token can solve this issue, while providing significant benefits to the Latin American community’, added  Hulett.

Jim Preissler, CEO of trade.io, commented: ‘We are very excited to be part of this project, as the experience and partnerships that VIVOplay has, not only in television but in all industries in Latin America, enables it to carry out VIVOpago’s vision. We are confident that this platform will have true utility and real world use cases, typically where other crypto projects can fall flat’.

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, completed: ‘Being the first ICO of its kind in Latin America, we were tremendously excited when we were given the opportunity to work with the team at VIVOpago. At Tokeny, we are immensely proud to provide the technology solutions behind VIVOpago’s ICO and provide the token issuance, on-boarding of investors and delivery of tokens. Our solution is highly secured and user friendly to enhance the investor experience and ultimately enable tokenization’.