All Media confirms the sale of North American rights of Sobibor

All Media (Russia) announced the sale of the North American rights to the Russian blockbuster Sobibor to Samuel Goldwyn Films. Centered on the WWII Holocaust, the film was submitted for best foreign-language film nomination for the 2019 Academy Awards.

Sobibor tells the story about the only successful revolt in a Nazi death camp during WorldWarII. The rebellion, led by the Soviet prisoner Alexander Pechersky, took place in the Nazi death camp Sobibor, located in Poland, in 1943.

The movie focuses on Pecherky and the difficult choices he makes to organize the rebellion and escape. He risks many lives, including his own, to set free hundreds of Jewish prisioners. These very different people show equal heroism and courage and are united by the desire to live.

The film premiered in the USA earlier this year, with special screenings in Washington and at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and is the debut feature of the actor-turned-director Konstantin Khabensky (Wanted, Night Watch, Day Watch, Trotsky), who also stars as the lead of the film. Christopher Lambert stars as the head of the Nazi camp.

The script is based on the book by Ilya Vasilyev Alexander Pechersky: Breakthrough into immortality and produced by Cinema Production and Fetis off Illusion with the support of Alexander Pechersky Foundation.

It was earlie sold to France and Switzerland (First International Production), United Kingdom (4 digital media), Spain (Flinsand Piniculas), Benelux (DFW), Poland (Nova Films), Bulgaria (Beatum), Japan (Finefilms), South Korea (Media Soft) and Australia (Jewish International Film festival - theatrical release), as well as to Israel (Kino Rai) and Germany (Kartina.TV for theatrical release and KSM company for other rights).