Nippon TV licensed Old Enough! as format to Mediacorp Singapore

Following a key announcement this week regarding a new format to be adapted in Thailand, Nippon TV closed another format deal, this time in Singapore: Old Enough!, the popular long-running series from Japan early next year, will have a local version in Singapore through nationwide network Mediacorp.

Asia TV Forum has not formally started, and Japanese leading broadcasters Nippon TV already did two big format announcements. Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development for Nippon TV, explains about the new agreement in Singapore: ‘A cultural phenomenon in Japan, Old Enough! has been a primetime hit for 27 years and counting. It's a proven ratings powerhouse across all demographics in Japan and is sure to draw a huge audience in Singapore, thanks to this new deal with Mediacorp. It continues in the tradition of family programming. It's unpredictable, original, can't-miss entertainment. We are heartened that the unscripted format has been successfully localised in the UK, China, Italy and Vietnam’.

Tan Lek Hwa, Chief Editor, Current Affairs for Mediacorp added: ‘One admirable attribute of Japanese culture is its emphasis on fostering independence in their children from a very young age. We hope the heartwarming series will amuse our audiences, as well as prompt debate within Singaporean families about parenthood and the need to imbue their kids with the life skills they need to navigate the world. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that so many of our pre-pubescent participants were able to step up to the challenge at hand. Some even took the initiative to seek help from strangers, many of whom were actually part of our show's safety team disguised as pedestrians or passersby’.

Old Enough!’s charming conceit centres on an incognito camera crew capturing preschoolers as they venture out to run errands on their own for the very first time.  Local viewers can look forward to an adorable roll-call of real-life youngsters making real-life decisions of their own volition, including Ninja, a tenacious three-year-old tasked with tending to the croaking creatures frolicking in his family’s frog farm; and Chloe, a chipper five-year-old assigned to buy and bedeck a fish tank at the behest of her mother.

In Singapore, the family-friendly franchise will be adapted as a four-part special for On The Red Dot, a current affairs programme investigating issues close to home. The half-hourly special is slated for telecast every Friday at 9.30pm from 4 January 2019 on Mediacorp Channel 5 and will also be available for over-the-top streaming on Toggle.

Earlier this week, Sogo announced the sale of the scripted format rights to its poignant one-hour drama series Abandoned to JSL Global Media, one of Thailand’s leading production house. The deal marks the first time that a Nippon TV scripted format is being adapted in Southeast Asia, as well as the first format deal ever for Abandoned. The Thai series will be named Tomorrow, my mother will not be here. It is currently scheduled to start airing on LINE TV in the spring of 2019.