RMViSTAR arrives for first time to Kidscreen Summit

RMViSTAR participates at Kidscreen for the first time with a line-up of kids programming, with unique and exclusive animation series in both 2D, 3D and Live Action.

'We offer the wonderful soccer world of ROBOTIA where every team player has something to contribute. This Argentinian series was produced for local broadcast (26x11 min) and new episodes are partially financed and looking for an international partner for an international launch', highlights Rose Marie Vega, president.

From Brazil, stands Lupita, about a curious astronaut ready to explore our planet and customs. From the same producers is the highly successful series Universo Z (156x11'), a 3 to 5 years series that mixes Live Action and Animation, entering its 3rd season on Nick JR Latin America.

'We have several originals from established talents from all over LatAm and welcome the opportunity to discuss the license of finished programming and/or new originals, some are already financed and other are in early development stages', completes Vega.