Nippon TV will launch Weakest Beast in MIPTV

Weakest Beast, Japan’s hit millennial series, follows in the footsteps of Nippon TV’s highly-successful dramas Mother and Woman-My Life for My Children, and will be the top release from the Japanese leading TV network.

Following the success of Nippon TV’s two most successful scripted format drama series to date, Mother and Woman-My Life for My Children, the leading commercial broadcaster network and production powerhouse in Japan, announced that they will be heading to this year’s MIPTV with a new scripted format Weakest Beast. This award-winning one-hour romantic drama series, from scriptwriter Akiko Nogi, is a love story for all adults who ardently hope to conquer success in romance and life but are actually too scared and weak to move.

Atsushi Sogo, President of International Business Development for Nippon TV, commented: ‘We are always targeting millennials when we create new drama series and this title was accepted very highly by our targeted viewers. They related deeply to the characters’ thoughts and actions who are trying their best to make their way through a complicated time in their lives. Each night the series aired on Nippon TV and its network stations all over Japan, there were literally thousands of comments on SNS all about this drama. Viewers were repeating the lines the characters said because it was exactly how they were feeling’.

And he added: ‘Weakest Beast has become a social phenomenon thanks in part to the great work of our scriptwriter Ms. Akiko Nogi. We strongly believe that her stories will resonate around the world, just as Yuji Sakamoto from Mother, Woman-My Life for My Children, and anone. We have already received enthusiastic remake offers and are confident that many production companies will be interested in our format’.
Weakest Beast follows two modern day millennials who have yet to learn how to speak with their hearts and let romance shine. The 30-year-old young woman does everything perfectly at work, while constantly keeping her emotions in check.  All she wants is to fall madly in love and have a relationship where she can be true to herself, but every day passes without progress. She soon realizes that she has been the perfect employee and girlfriend yet this is getting her nowhere. On the other side, is a street smart and charming 33-year-old ladies' man who works as an elite accountant. But it is all an act and, truth be told, he sees everything with cold eyes. He trusts no one until that faithful day when destiny brings these two people together. Having both guarded their hearts with an impenetrable armor, Weakest Beast is the ultimate modern love story about two individuals who are too afraid to follow their gut instincts and allow their hearts to guide them to romance.   Just how will the romance between two overly rational people unfold?
Weakest Beast is produced by Nippon TV’s drama series producer Kyoko Matsumoto, and directed by Nippon TV’s Nobuo Mizuta who also directed the compelling and touching scenes in Mother, Woman-My Life for My Children and anone. The series is also available as a finished drama, with 10 episodes with English / Mandarin Chinese / Bahasa Indonesian / Thai subtitles.