Castle Productions: Jamaican creativity for the international market

Founded by Leo and Cleveland Francis, Castle Productions is a Jamaican studio that offers music, 2D and 3D animation services and VFX production services.

The company started out in 2010 as an independent record label, producing songs and instrumentals with several local acts and institutions. In 2014, due to the overwhelming demand for animation and VFX for projects that were been produced for the talents that we were working with.

'The decision was made to look in-house and identify team members with a background in the creative arts, and make the investment in getting them trained in the animation discipline as it became very costly for us as a independent label to keep outsourcing these projects,' describes Leo Francis.

In 2018, the company partnered with JADAS studio and R.D. Multimedia and have brought Wayne Powell onboard, one of the island leading illustrators to bring a more wholesome service to the market.

But the background of the executives is even bigger: 'In the pass we have collaboratively and individually worked on projects for Sony music, Scotiabank, Digicel, Jamaica ministry of education, the love Herald, local book publishers such as SSS book publishers, Carlong book publishers as well as local and foreign independent authors, the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and several other cooperate companies locally,' he adds.

Nowadays, it's working on some original IP’s which includes 2D, 3D and live action which are in their early development stages, while looking for co-producers to work with on these inhouse projects.

According to the executive, the TV industry in Jamaica has grown over the past few years and have sort to in-cooperate some amount of local content in their programming. 'This is evident in that we have seen the launch of new local show, and new stations emerging over the past few years and some of the more prominent stations have sort to broaden their reach and has tapped into market beyond the shores of Jamaica. One such example is the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) that has now started broadcasting in Cuba. Castle Productions have also partnered with the PBCJ to produce a new local kid show which will include animation and live action. This is set to start airing summer of 2019,' emphasizes Leo.

And completes: 'We want to bring a professional complete and wholesome production service to the international market, producing rich local animated content to be distributed worldwide and to collaborate and partnering with international professionals in the industry'.