Autentic Distribution launches 200 hours of new series at MIPTV

Autentic Distribution (Germany) is attending this year's MIPTV with over 200 program hours of new series and documentaries.

Among them, it stands the ground-breaking series Terror! (6x50'), by Topkapi Film for the Dutch broadcaster NTR, which examines historically significant terrorist attacks in six episodes. Using interviews, archive material and reconstructions, it summarizes exactly what happened in these most terrible moments in history. The significance of these terrorist attacks becomes clear when one looks at them from different perspectives and puts them in a historical context.

The film Sisi: Assassination of an Empress (45') deals with a different kind of historical terror. A TV documentary of Raum.Filmproduktion together with the Autentic about Empress Elisabeth and the anarchist movement, to which she fell victim through an entanglement of unfortunate coincidences, carelessness and political ideologies. 120 years after the murder of Sisi, the production traces the course of her last hours on the shores of Lake Geneva and looks at the anarchist scene. Netflix series Terrorism Close Calls (10x50') by KM Plus Media in cooperation with Big Media and Autentic is a true crime story. Each episode documents a planned terrorist attack that was prevented by intelligence surveillance, wiretapping, infiltration, covert investigations and good luck. Ten failed terrorist attacks that could have resulted in a catastrophe.

On the arte’s audience-favourite slate is At Our Neighbour’s Table (130x30') by Berlin Producers. The series shows culinary treasures of those who know best: Farmers, winegrowers, cooks, housewives, fishermen and many more. There audience will visit these people in different regions of Europe and accompany them through their daily lives. In the five-part documentary series Iberia’s Rivers of Life (5x52'/45') by doc.station, viewers are taken to less-known areas of Spain and Portugal to the five largest rivers of the Iberian peninsula. Knowledge and goods, explorers and conquerors travelled on them. The film Last Treasures of the Earth (90', 52') by Filmtank also takes them to the remote parts of the world and to the people who live there.

Lastly, the company highlights a slate that prepares for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. 'In the heart of Tokyo, the world's largest and most traditional fish market had to give way to the Olympic city's plans for 2020 and move to an artificial island on the outskirts of the city. In our documentary Tuna on Tour (52') we accompany traders, chefs and market women on their way to an exciting future. For the first time in history, skateboarding will be an Olympic discipline at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Because interest in traditional sports is fading among younger viewers, skateboarding with its charismatic athletes appears to be an attractive way to revive popularity. The series Rebels for the Olympic Games (5x30', 3x52') by Boomtown Media shows the coming of age of a sport, but also the inner conflict of some skaters between competitive sport and ideology. In times of terrorist threats and a growing risk of natural disasters, security is becoming an increasing challenge', describes Petra Wersch, sales & marketing coordinator.

Lastly is the documentary Tokyo – The Safest Games in the World? (WT) (45'), which follows three protagonists in their everyday lives and experience the influence of the newly established security measures up close.