Borderline Media Middle East & Africa arises in the market

Borderline Media Middle East & Africa is a new joint venture between Guillaume Roussy and Jérémy Klif’s Borderline Media and Nassima Boudi’s Ikigai Media.

Founded in 2017 by former Shine France’s executives Roussy and Klif, Borderline Media specialized in digital production and format creation for various brands, artists, platforms, producers and broadcasters in France and internationally. It has already produced various digital content such us music videos, advertising, brand-content, webseries.

Through this partnership, the company affirms its presence in a booming market in digital production and expand its expertise in new territories. ‘This reinforces our development in creating new digital content for new clients in different countries. Nassima Boudi is the perfect partner with great ideas and an innovative view on the market. We are eager to work together and become a major player in the Middle East and Africa’, they said.

Ikigai Media has been providing sales strategy insights and maximizing profitable sales for various clients. Strong of a worldwide network, Boudi established business development for multiple clients, from content acquisitions, productions, TV rights distribution & partnership. Before being independent she worked as senior manager at Eurodata TV and as Head of Research & Development at Global Agency.

‘Klif and Roussy are the new talents of creativity. Our experiences and visions of the international TV content are in line and I am really confident that our joined forces will make our ambitions in the Middle East and Africa a very successful story. We will for sure reach out to some other dynamic regions’.

Borderline Media Middle East & Africa prime focus is to help players in their brand content strategies and design for them digital content inspired by the mechanics and storylines that made TV formats so popular. Ikigai Media has been accompanying TV players and organizations in their sales & development strategies on local and international market.