UK: TCB Media Rights acquire new Channel 4 series

TCB Media Rights (UK) has acquired new Channel 4 series Banged Up (3x60') from Argonon-owned BriteSpark Films.

The series follows eight of the most troubled teenagers in the UK to Florida, where a unique tough-justice incarceration programme has been achieving astonishing results. Just 9% of the scheme’s graduates go on to get banged up for real, compared to the national prison recidivism rate of 70%. Packed with drama and conflict, raw emotion and painful insights, Banged Up is a timely addition to debate on youth offending, at a time when knife crime in the UK is soaring. Nick Godwin, BriteSpark co-founder and executive producer: 'It’s never been more important to look at new ways of keeping at-risk youngsters out of prison and out of the cemetery'.

Banged Up joins several other BriteSpark shows on TCB Media Rights’ MIPTV slate, including Massive Engineering Mistakes (10x60'), produced in association with TCB for Science Channel and Quest. The series, which remembers the construction calamities, epic fails and near misses that the world’s engineers would rather forget, was recently acquired by Discovery Science in the US, Discovery and Odisea in Spain, Discovery UK, Viasat for CEE and the Nordics, and Sky TV in New Zealand.

Also doing well internationally is BriteSpark’s Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, all three seasons of which have been acquired by RTL Netherlands. Originally commissioned by Channel 5 UK, the series looks into the dark side of the UK's housing crisis, shining the spotlight on what happens when conflicts between landlords and tenants get out of control.

TCB Media Rights is heading for MIPTV with 36 new titles and 220 hours of new content. Among the primetime highlights is also Hey Sonny Films’ The House of Extraordinary People, which aired on Channel 5 UK last month. The 3x60' documentary series which is also available as format, sets out to change perceptions of those who look ‘different’. Described as ‘Big Brother for those who stand out from the crowd’, the series sees nine extraordinary individuals from all over the world live together for 10 days, sharing their experiences and challenging the public prejudices.

Paul Heaney, founder and CEO of TCB Media, said: ‘There are many ways to try and cut through all of the other competing content out there, as a platform for the consumer or as TCB selling stuff to the market. The team at TCB definitely favour the noisy option, we like shows that are pragmatic and commercial and go for the ratings jugulars….we hope our absurdly diverse slate for this half of 2019 will give us a long tail of interested buyers and returning series.’