Russia: Gogol goes to Amazon Prime Video

TV-3 and Sreda TV series Gogol has landed on Amazon Prime Video in USA, Canada and UK, after a deal closed by Gazprom-Media’s Central Partnership and Janson Media.

The English-speaking audience will have access to eight episodes of an adventure detective story, created in mash-up stylistics. Gogol was produced by Russian TV-3 channel and production company Sreda. The creators were inspired by the life and novels of a famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol.

It is the first Russian TV series released in cinemas. Three films of franchise became one of the extraordinary experiments in Russian media market and had top rates in Russian box-office. Also the TV series received national TV and film awards. In Russia Gogol TV Series premiered on March 25th on TV3 channel. For TV audience the show includes two new episodes, which have never been shown in cinemas.

Vadim Vereschagin, CEO, Central Partnership, said: ‘Placing Gogol on Amazon Prime Video proves once again that we are moving in the right direction in terms of international sales. One of our main goals is to raise awareness about high quality theatrical and TV content produced in Russia, and we have been reaching this goal successfully.

Evgeniy Nikishov, Producer of the series, and TV3 General Producer, added: ‘It's rewarding to see the positive response for our content in the world. Last year our TV series An Ordinary Woman became the first Russian project to be in competition of Series Mania in France, and its female lead Anya Mikhalkova took the best female performance award. British distributor Cineflix Rights has been distributing the TV Series in the world since then. This year we have another project in Series Mania, which is called Identification. Finally, there is an upcoming series, An Outbreak, which was selected for CanneSeries’.

Valeriy Fedorovich, producer and TV3 CEO completed: ‘Two years ago TV3 announced that it would develop out-of-the-box. Since then, we have managed to push the TV boundaries far away. Our team have created several projects which set up trends for Russian theatrical and digital distribution. These projects have travelled across the world, too. We are grateful that both film industry professionals and end-consumers find that our content is really catching’.

Jesse Janson, EVP of Acquisitions, Janson Media, remarked: ‘We have worked with many tv series and films for distribution across Amazon Prime Video, but Gogol is by far the most exciting for us to date. We are extremely proud to bring this powerful series to the English speaking market. We feel that Amazon Prime Video will be the optimal platform to showcase the title properly’.

Amazon Prime Video will be the first digital run of a Gogol TV series in a foreign language. However, the full project has already been well-known to the international audience. Films of the trilogy had a theatrical release in Germany, UK, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus and the UAE. Gogol won the People's Choice Award at Biografilm Festival (Italy) and the prize for outstanding cinematographic level at the Accolade Global Film Competition Festival (USA). Hollywood Director John Woo (Mission Impossible 2, Face Off) has named it the best foreign TV Series at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival (USA). The composer of the project Ryan Otter won a prestigious international music award at the Global Music Awards (USA).