SPI: TDC launched in Digit-Alb Albania

Popular Turkish dramas have arrived in the form of full feature TV channel in Albanian for all Digit-Alb subscribers: Timeless Drama Channel (TDC) is dedicated to people of all ages who love the drama genre and want to watch high-quality and critically-praised shows.

SPI International offers Timeless Drama Channel (TDC) with hundreds of hours of internationally acclaimed programs from major Turkish producers. 'I am proud to announce the launch of one of our most popular channels, Timeless Drama Channel, in Albania; this agreement is a new milestone for SPI/FilmBox and our partner Digit-Alb. We are confident that Timeless Drama Channel will be immensely popular amongst Digit-Alb subscribers', said Murat Muratoğlu, Head of Distribution for the Middle East, Ex-Yugo, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Turkey, CIS Countries, APAC at SPI International.

'It is a great pleasure to announce our new agreement with SPI/FilmBox. We are sure that Timeless Drama Channel will quickly gain maximum popularity and our audience will enjoy the excellent production and broadcasting quality of its programs', added Vjollca Hoxha, Co-CEO of Digit-Alb (Albania), while Arben Taipi, Co-CEO of Digit-Alb, concluded: 'We are thrilled to welcome SPI’s Timeless Drama Channel into our fantastic TV Bouquet. By adding Timeless Drama Channel’s unmatched quality programs to our roster, we are re-affirming Digit-Alb’s reputation as the screen of the best regional channels'.