ATV: The success of Hercai

Muge Akar, ATV's content sales deputy manager, spoke with Prensario about its new big drama Hercai , which is having a good performance both in linear and digital and was already sold to Romania.

'Hercai has the classic Turkish drama elements but at the same time it’s a modern fairytale drama mixed with Turkish culture and Eastern traditions. The perfect match of the cast and the love story at the center brought us the success. On top of this, the shooting location of the show, Mardin’s exotic and historical ambiance has a magical effect on the viewers', says Akar.

While Hercai received more than 30% shares in Turkey, prime time, its official YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers in just 5 weeks, breaking ATV’s own record of Lifeline which also reached 1 million subscribers in 7 weeks. Hercai became the fastest drama to reach 1 million subscriber in YouTube and this also reflects the TV ratings in Turkey.

According to the executive, the storyline is the most unique point in this drama series. 'Not only the leading characters but also the supporting characters are studied in depth and each of them has a sub-story within the series'. 'The cultural elements are also the first thing one would notice in Hercai. Traditions, customs and historical setting of the Mardin’s old town is what makes Hercai unique', she adds.

The series was launched last MIPTV, and right after its third episode, Kanal D Romania has secured the rights for Hercai, being the first international deal in the first day of the market.

'All territories which we deal with showed a great interest towards HERCAI and numerous new deals will be announced very soon. We believe this will be a super hit internationally as well and one of the bestsellers of our catalogue', completes Muge Akar.