The Kitchen arrives to NATPE Budapest International

The Kitchen Hungary team, helmed by Gabor Somogyi and Balazs Garami, along with Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales for the company, will be participating in the NATPE Budapest International Marketplace, scheduled for June 24-27, in Budapest.

With over 70 countries expected, and over 200 TV channels in Hungary, NATPE Budapest promises to again be extremely productive. 'Today’s networks and distribution companies are all looking to consolidate their language needs, and we’re proud to say that The Kitchen has successfully responded to those needs,' Gabor Somogyi, Managing Director of The Kitchen Hungary explained. 'From our perspective, the Hungarian market has never before been so involved in the international language needs of our clients.  Programming is now being dubbed to and from Hungarian, in just about every major language,' Somogyi added.

With “Kitchen” studios now in: Hungary; Spain; Russia; Germany; Moldova; Italy; France; Turkey; Mexico; Brazil and the US, and an international sales office in Madrid, the company continues to expand to meet the global localization needs of the industry.