China and Argentina cooperate in audiovisual productions

The Chinese and Argentine governments have signed three cooperation agreements for audiovisual productions, during a ceremony at Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires city.

The meeting was crowded, including the local and Chinese delegations formed by various business members of the respective audiovisual industries. It was headed by Du Feijin, member of the standing committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, and Hernán Lombardi, Minister of the Sistema de Medios y Contenidos Públicos of Argentina.

The event was also attended by China's Ambassador to Argentina Xiaoli Zou, the Chief Editor of Youku Business Group, Zhang Lina, Fuping Wang, VP of ByteDance group, as well as the Promotion Manager at INCAA, Mariana Dell Elce, and numerous local producers. All them agreed that 'the distance between countries is smaller' and that 'there are more opportunities to work together'. It was highlighted the possibilities of coproductions in areas like tango, sports, and gastronomy, looking for 'mutual learning' while 'connecting places'. They remarked: 'Now, we can enjoy better relationships between both continents'.

The announcements also include videogames, where key deals have been sealed in Chile and Brazil, and features films, where Beijing produces 300 titles a year, as well as 100 TV-series with about 5,000 episodes per year. There are in China 829 millions of digital consumers, it was informed. 'The doors of China are now more open to you', declared the Chinese counterpart, while Lombardi said that 'hopefully it will be concreted in short time a visit of Argentine producers to Beijing'.

The Chinese delegation participated with eleven groups: Perfect World Co. Ltd; G.H.Y. Culture & Media Co. Ltd.; Mahua Fun Age, well-known for films like Goodbye, Mr. Loser, Mr. Donkey and Never Say Die; iQjyi, owner of one of the biggest streaming videos platform in the world; Youku, one of the two platforms of Alibaba Media & Entertainment Group; ByteDance Technology Co. Ltd., which works with short videos; Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co. Ltd., which develops mobile apps like GIF Kuaishou with more than 100 millions of downloads; V1 Group Limited, the first Chinese media company with global presence; and StarTimes, the leading African Pay TV operator.