The Sniffer and Love in Chains premiered in Europe

July has been a strong kick off month for FILM.UA (Ukraine) with the launch of two of the top series from its catalogue: on July 1, TVP1 (Poland) premiered Love in Chains, while on July 3 E.Energy (Spain) premiered the company’s key drama The Sniffer.

The premiere of Love in Chains took place on the biggest Polish television channel TVP1 in prime time. This costume drama from Starlight Films and FILM.UA was launched on the Ukrainian TV this spring, and it was on the top of television programs breaking several records including “The Best Series March of the Last 6 Years”. Moreover, soon the drama will be seen by the audience in the Balkan countries and Lithuania, and the second season will be presented in Ukraine in the fall of 2019. This spring the series has already been launched at MIPTV in Cannes.
Set in the late 50's of the XIX century in the Chernihiv province, the series shows the serf maid Katerina Verbitskaya, who was raised as a noble lady with her godmother Anna Chervinskaya but for the whole world she was only the property of Peter Cervinsky. She falls in love with the nobleman Alexey Kosach who knows nothing about her origin. On the way to freedom and love, the serf maid will have to overcome a lot of trials.

The premier of The Sniffer on E.Energy, a thematic channel from Mediaset España group, meant the very first time an Ukrainian TV series is shown on the Spanish television. Three seasons have been already broadcasted on the Ukrainian TV from 2013 to 2017, and the fourth season is underway now.
Actually, it is the most successful Ukrainian TV series sold in 60+ worldwide, and has become the top-rated series in Russia in 2013-2014. The Sniffer is also the first Ukrainian TV series presented on Netflix, and also available on Amazon (Seasons 1-3). Moreover, NHK Enterprises has released a Japanese version based on Ukrainian The Sniffer series.

It shows a proud owner of an extraordinarily acute sense of smell. He can detect things about you that you desperately want to conceal. He'll find that needle in the haystack. But the truth is that his sense of smell is as much a curse as it is a gift. He can solve a mystery by having a single sniff around but what happens when all these myriads of smells force their way into his private life.