Televisa's content is now available on TRX

The media group, with over 8,000 hours of content, is using the TRX platform to boost its international sales.

TRX transports around 1,100 registered buyers and more than 70,000 hours of content from 70 distributor across the world.

Matthew Frank, CEO of TRX, said 'Televisa have put on a significant amount of content to TRX which illustrates the potential they see in the platform. Doing more deals in less time is why we built TRX and the team at Televisa will soon be feeling the benefit of this'.

Televisa is on the top with other big names distributors which are now using TRX including BBC Studios, Lionsgate, Studio Canal, Sky Vision, All3Media, TCB and Off the Fence.

TRX operates on a subscription model, providing distributors access to a suite of services based on the level of service and features required.