Ukraine: MGU channels available on OTT Kartina.TV

Media Group Ukraine (MGU has entered into agreement with Kartina.TV, one of Europe’s major OTT operators, which will rebroadcast the international versions of Ukraine 1/2 and NLO TV 1/2.

Kartina.TV subscribers accounting for 5 million viewers in Europe, America, Israel and the UAE would henceforth watch Ukraine’s popular quality content. The service is accessible online anywhere in the world.

Aleksandr Remezovsky, Director Distribution Pay TV channels and Media Platform Department, MGU, explains: ‘The international channels promotion – one of our strategic activity areas. Partnership relationship with Kartina.TV, a major international player, opens exciting prospects, because from now on the worldwide multimillion audience will become acquainted with the Media Group’s product. We are pleased and honored to witness Ukrainian content erasing the boundaries and getting closer to viewers the world over’.

Ukraine 1/Ukraine 2 and NLO TV 1/NLO TV 2 form a package of Ukrainian channels entitled to worldwide broadcast rights. They are operating in HD, 24/7 regime for all types of providers (analogue, digital and satellite operators, OTT providers, etc). The am channels are specifically characterized by their thematic differentiation meeting a wide range of audience preferences.

Channels Ukraine 1/ Ukraine 2 account in aggregate for an 800 hour content a year. The first one offers local serials and motion pictures, documentaries, public service and information shows such as Pevitsa (Singer) a serial, Klan Yuvelirov (The Jewllers Clan), also a serial, as well as Na Liniyi Zhizni (On the Lifeline) and Layla (Gypsy Layla), Realnaya Mistyka (True Mystery), a scripted reality, Agenty Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice), etc. Second channel broadcast Govoryt Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine), Zvezdny Put (Star Trek) Misiya: krasota (Mission: beauty), Svekrov ili Nevestka (Mother-in-Law. Ukrainian version), Luchshiy Povar na Sele (The Best Chef of the Village), etc.

NLO TV 1/NLO TV 2 account in aggregate for at least a 400-hour content annually with the first feed offering the best comedy serials and entertainment shows, such as Kak Zakalialsia Stil (How the Style Was Tempered), Super Cops, Mamakhohotala (Mama Was Laughing), while second programs education shows such as Chystopluyi (Fastidious Guys), Razdolbayi (Slackers), Eurocheck-in, etc. These are in fact lifehacks, adventures, experiments flavoured with caustic humor aimed at most demanding audiences.