Nat Geo adds Impossible Challenge, from ELO Company

The series will air on July 31, at 8:15pm. Impossible Challenge (Desafio Impossível in Portuguese) is the first series produced by ELO Company and it will broadcasted on National Geographic channel for all Latin America.

Impossible Challenge (8×60′) comes from São Paulo-based ELO Company and follows three young scientists lost in the Amazon and Jalapão that must use 'science and creativity' to find a way back home. Participants will go on a 48-hour journey in which they use their experience and skills to transform materials found along the way into devices that can somehow help them.

The series is hosted in the Brazilian version by Gusta Stockler, a well-know digital influencer in Brazil. While the version for Latin America is starring by Mario Ruiz. Maria Carolina Telles and André Antunes, are the director and the executive producer of the show, respectively.

'We are very happy that ELO Produções had its official debut through Desafio Impossível. The series shapes what we look for in a production unit: innovation, relevant entertainment, diversity global appeal and high production value. This year we will have two more launches', says Sabrina N. Wagon, CEO of ELO Company.