Parrot Analytics announces its second Global TV Demand Awards edition

Recognizing the most in-demand shows in the world of the year, the leading data analytics company Parrot Analytics, announced that it will celebrate its second edition on the Global TV Demand Awards. It will take place in January 2020 and going to includes new categories that recognizes the content from Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Samuel Stadler, VP marketing on Parrot, made the announcement: 'The Global TV Demand Awards is the first data-driven awards show, and for 2020 we are adding more categories to showcase the impact of specific genres, as well as categories that illustrate the global influence of exports from territories with some of the top producers of content outside of the US. We’ll have more exciting details in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned'.

The categories for the second edition include: Most In-Demand TV Show in the World, Most In-Demand Digital Original in the World and Most In-Demand Drama Series in the World. As well as, categories that recognize documentary series, reality series, variety series and, the new ones categories: Most In-Demand Export from Latin America, Most In-Demand Export from Asia and Most In-Demand Export from Europe

'As we know, there are a number of awards that honor the artistic merits of television shows and the creative talent behind them. At Parrot Analytics, we measure the audience demand for shows around the world, and we want to honor the shows that are resonating the most with viewers', remarked Stadler.

The winners of the 2nd Annual Global TV Demand Awards will be determined based on demand data from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.