Parrot Analytics: Global demand for digital content by original platform

According to research by Parrot Analytics, Netflix is by far the most-demanded original platform for digital originals, with 64.6% of the total demand in the markets considered, vs. 10.3% for Amazon Prime Video and 7,7% for Hulu.

Among the nine countries considered, the top Netflix performance is found in South Africa, with 67.9%, while Japan stands at the lowest point, with 60.0%. The U.S.(63.1), the U.K. (62.3) and the Netherlands (62,9) rank below the global average, too.

The report underscores that this leadership, as well at the Amazon Prime Video’s and Hulu’s market share, have declined from the share of demand during 2018 share; during this time period Netflix achieves 71% global share, while Amazon Prime Video and Hulu shares were ‘more than 1% higher’; the variation is attributed to growing market influence for YouTube Premium and DC Universe product.

Regarding individual titles, Parrot signals #StrangerThings as the most demanded title in The U.S., Belgium and Hungary, while #TheUmbrellaAcademy won the top slot in the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands and South Africa; #StarTrek:Discovery has been the most demanded in Japan, #HouseOfCards in China and #BlackMirror in Russia.

The report finds that Superhero series, Sci-fi drama ad Comedy drama (in this order) have been the most demanded sub-genres in the States, Japan, English-language China and the U.K, while Belgium and The Netherlands mostly sought Sci-fi drama, Superhero series and Crime drama; in Hungary and Ireland, Crime Drama took the third place. regarding Russia, Sci-fi drama took first place, followed by Superhero series and Comedy drama, in this order; South Africa placed Superhero series in first place, followed by Sci-fi drama and Crime drama.

The results draw a maybe unexpected picture of sub-genre uniformity in demand among apparently disparate markets, probably unified by a prevailing digital culture that overcomes geographical disparities. The full Parrot Analytics report make be downloaded by clicking this link.