ELO Company and History premiere “Brasil de Imigrantes” on August 19

ELO Company announced that is co-producing the series “Brazil of Immigrants” with History, which will premiere on August 19 at 8.40pm. It features immigrant families who have left their home countries, become entrepreneurs and now run big companies Bauducco, Multilaser, Nubank, Sakura, Habib's and Gooc.

‘It has been a two-party project, which, as we evolved into production, grew both within ELO Company and History. It is my first project as an executive producer for ELO Company, and I am quite happy to be able to address such a relevant, personal (I descend from Italian immigrants) and current project such as immigration, telling stories of success and overcoming difficulties’, comments Paula Garcia, executive producer of the series.

Presented by host/actress Maria Fernanda Cândido, Brasil de Imigrantes shows that, in addition to contributing to the history and wealth of Brazil, these immigrants brought in their baggage cultural diversity and the strength of their ancestors. They are: the Bauducco family (Italy), the Ostrowieck family (Poland), David Vélez (Colombia), Suekichi Nakaya (Japan), Alberto Saraiva (Portugal) and Thái Nghiã (Vietnam).

The episodes show the path of these entrepreneurs, from the moment the families left their home countries in search of better conditions to the beginning of a new life in Brazil. To this end, the series explains the immigration flows and the historical, social and economic context of each story, also focusing on the personal experiences of immigrants.

‘My mother was Polish, and my grandparents were Russians. My family arrived in Brazil with absolutely nothing. In a few years, they engaged in the textile trade. This series is directly related to my story and I am sure many people will resonate with it. From small to large businesses, Brazil has always been this melting pot of cultures and opportunities. I am very proud of this production at a time when we need to promote entrepreneurship that is accessible to everyone, and demonstrate that immigrants can create jobs and foster Brazil’s development’, says Sabrina N. Wagon, CEO of ELO Company.

The show explains how each company started, with their challenges and difficulties, and the importance of an entrepreneurship and management vision that helped leverage some of Brazil's most successful businesses. Each episode features unique images of families, and testimonials from historians, experts, and journalists, including Ana Fontes, Heródoto Barbeiro, Mara Luquet and Renato Cruz.

In addition to Brasil de Imigrantes, ELO Company will start to produce in 2019 another series and a special show for a pay TV channel, and it is now in the process of completing documentary An Unsung Soldier, the producer’s first feature film.