Mexico: Universal Cinergia inaugurated new studio

Universal Cinergia Dubbing celebrated the official opening of the company`s new studios in Mexico City, on Aug 29th.

Cinergia already has 17 studios in Cuernavaca, Mexico, working non-stop on Spanish language projects. Liliam Hernandez, president & CEO and Gema Lopez, president & COO were in Mexico to celebrate the launch.

Turkish companies have chosen Universal Cinergia studios for the majority of their content dubbing into Spanish for the past 5 years. Over 6,000 hours of drama content has been dubbed at company. Localized language is one of the factors for the success of Turkish dramas in Latin America. The brand-new facilities will be the second studio in Mexico to be certified by Dolby Atmos System. A major advance from stereo and surround, Dolby Atmos revolutionizes sound. Rather than being constrained to channels, sounds can be precisely placed and moved in three-dimensional space.

Producing over 600 hours of dubbed content per month, Cinergia manages a group network of local and international studios and a group of dubbing actors, directors, translators and audio engineers who are committed to achieving the highest quality of work in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Castilian. With the new studios in Mexico City, and the additions to the Brazil facilities, the company reaches a number of 40 fully owned recording studios.

The portfolio of Universal Cinergia includes, just to mention a few, U.S. Studios, Lionsgate, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, most Turkish distributors and producers, clients in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Liliam Hernandez states: 'Gema and I are truly excited about the new studios. We have been expanding in the past few years, and this move is a response to the growing demand for Spanish dubbing. We will be strategically located in Mexico City, which will allow us to tap into more premium content, and increase the current dubbing capacity of 800 hours monthly, adding about 300 hours monthly to our overall dubbing capacity for Spanish. The company is member of the TPN, and all our processes follow the MPAA Guidelines'.